Poets and Critics 2016.2 Johanna Drucker Symposium Recordings


Thursday 2 June, afternoon session, Université Paris Diderot.


Friday 3 June, morning session, Université Paris Diderot.


Friday 3 June, afternoon session, Université Paris Diderot.

Johanna Drucker: Literary Tactics and Themes in the Books

Following the last day of the symposium, Johanna Drucker was kind enough to send us a list of books and notes to her books, thus providing us with new points of entry into her work.

JD: Literary tactics and themes in the books

Works self-referentially about language:

1976: Twenty-six ’76 (found, overheard, narrative, and meta-descriptive commentary all from a trip to Los Angeles; each page is a slice through that time-sequence)

1977: From A to Z (inventory of poetical styles and approaches to composition)

1978: Experience of the Medium (language terms/visual terms defined in a system)

1981: Dolls of the Spirit (focus on prepositions as transformative, images of objects that are transformative)
1983: Tongues: A Parent Language (procedural work from linguistic text)

1983: Just As (challenge of designatory and descriptive language)

1983: Against Fiction (pendant to Just As addressing the conventions of fiction)

1986: Through Light and the Alphabet (typographic fugue on linguistic polyvalence)

1987: Bookscape (impossibility of fit of literary form to contemporary life/landscape)

1989: The Word Made Flesh (graphically scored text about materiality to flatten planes of reference and discourse together)

1989: Sample Dialogue with Emily McVarish (typographic inflection in dialogue)

1993: Deterring Discourse (impossibility of language’s being able to speak the real)

1996: The Current Line (as in, political line, and also, news/reporting)

1997: Prove Before Laying (emergence of figure of language from potential of alphabet/font constraint)

2010: Wittgenstein’s Gallery (actually produced in 1989; editioned in 2010)

2010-12: Stochastic Poetics (figure of poetics emerging within the field of noise culture)

2014: Diagrammatic Writing (semantics of format)


Feminist works about the narrative conventions of women’s lives:

1989-90: History of the/my Wor(l)d (official history reworked and orthodox feminist theory challenged)

1990: Simulant Portrait (ghost written autobiography of a simulant based on genre fiction)

1994: Narratology (the stories according to which we constructed our lives as real/lived)

2002: A Girl’s Life, with Susan Bee (engagement with the “pink” magazines)

2003: Damaged Spring, Druckwerk

2006: Testament of Women (rethinking moral lessons of old testament tales)

2015: Fabulas Feminae, with Susan Bee, profiles of renowned women


Works of compression in figurative/associative prose:

1972: Dark: The Bat Elf (sui generis erotic juvenilia, but filled with figurative language)

1975: As No Storm (figurative, dense prose)

1977: Surprize Party (figurative prose)

1979: Kidz (punk-ish poem piece)

1980: Jane Goes Out with the Scouts (suggestive poetics)

1980: ‘S Crap ‘S Ample (poem portrait)

1993: Otherspace with Brad Freeman (about emergent sentience/perception of “other” worlds)

1994: Three Early Fictions, Potes and Poets Press

1995: Dark Decade

1999: Nova Reperta with Brad Freeman (modernity, vision, and contemporary world)

2000: Emerging Sentience, with Brad Freeman

2000: Night Crawlers on the Web

2007: From Now

2009: ComboMeals


1977: Fragile (selected poems, writings, from 1970-73)

1978: Netherland: How (so) Far (account, poetic line)

1980: Italy (an account, telegraphic)

2000: Quantum

2006: CUBA (account, telegraphic)