Carla Harryman Bibliography (I): Publications and Performances



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Mirror Play

  • Bilingual choral performance, with speaking voices in Czech and English. Translated by David Vichnar. Prague Literary Micro-Festival, May 2011
  • Bilingual choral performance, with speaking voices in French and English. Directed by Carla Harryman. Translated by faculty and students of the Departments of French and English, Université de Montréal. Memoria, Montreal, 2006
  • Directed by Patricia Ybarra. Ontological-Hysteric Theater Poets Theater Festival, New York, 2006
  • Choral performance in German and English. Translation by Florian Werner. Directed by Carla Harryman. Hölderlinturm, Tübingen, Germany, 2005
  • Improvised music and spoken text performance in German and English. With Jon Raskin, John Schott, and Franziska Ruprecht. Wels Music Festival 19, Wels, Austria, 2005
  • A multi-media collaboration. Directed by Jim Cave. Music by Jon Raskin and John Olson. Visual design by Danielle Aubert. Performances by Mary Byrnes, Elana Elyce, Wolanda Lewis, Michael Peters, and Roham Shaikhani.  The Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Ferndale Michigan, 2005.

Performing Objects Stationed in the Sub World

  • Directed by Jim Cave. With visual design by Amy Trachtenberg and music by Erling Wold. The LAB, San Francisco, 2003
  • Directed by John Jackery. Zeitgeist Theater, Detroit, 2002
  • Performing Objects Stationed in Platform on the Sub (Urban) World, staged reading. Directed by Carla Harryman. The Politics of Presence: Re-reading the Writing Subject in Staged and Electronic Performance. Oxford Brookes University, April, 2001

Third Man

  • Directed by Mac McGinnes. San Francisco Poets Theater Jubilee, California College of Arts, 2008
  • University of Auckland Theater, New Zealand, July 1995
  • Directed by Nick Robinson. Studio Eremos, San Francisco, 1979

Memory Play

  • Directed by Carla Harryman and Catherine Sullivan. Renaissance Society, University of Chicago, 2008
  • Directed by Philip Horvitz. Design by John Woodall. The LAB, San Francisco, 1994

There Is Nothing Better Than a Theory

  • Directed by Carla Harryman in collaboration with Mark Durant (artist) and David Barrett (composer). New Langton Arts, San Francisco, 1989

Fist of the Colossus (with Tom Mandel)

  • Small Press Traffic, San Francisco, 1988
  • Larry Blake’s, Berkeley, Calif., 1987

La Quotidienne

  • Directed by Steve Benson. With Nick Robinson and Carla Harryman. New Lang­ton Arts, San Francisco, 1982


  • Directed by Nick Robinson. With Eileen Corder and Carla Harryman. Project Artaud and The Farm, San Francisco, 1978



Gardener of Stars, an Opera

  • A work for speaking voices, micro electronics and acoustic instruments. With Jon Raskin (composer) and Gino Robair. Center for New Music, San Francisco, 2016
  • A work for speaking voices, micro electronics and acoustic instruments. With Jon Raskin. &NOW/Blast Radius. CalArts, Los Angeles, 2015

Occupying “Music and New Music” by Theodor W. Adorno, a Re-performance

  • Written and adapted by Carla Harryman. Composed by Carla Harryman and Jon Raskin for speaking voice and improvised prepared piano. Performed by Magda Mayas and Carla Harryman. dOCUMENTA 13, Kassel, Germany, 2012

Open Box by Carla Harryman and Jon Raskin

  • Selections from Open Box, Occupying “Music and New Music” by Theodor W. Adorno, and Disk. With Carla Harryman, Jon Raskin, and Gino Robair. OutSound Music Summit, San Francisco, 2012
  • Carla Harryman with the Jon Raskin Quartet. “Open Box,” “A Sun and Five Decompositions,” and “Cutting Corners.” The Stone, New York, 2010

The Grand Piano

  • A choral reading by the authors of the Grand Piano: An Experiment in Collective Autobiography. Score and direction by Carla Harryman and Ted Pearson. Holloway Lecture Series, University of California Berkeley and Small Press Traffic, San Francisco, 2010

“The New Talkies:” Live Film Narration with Filmmaker Konrad Steiner

  • Jeanne Moreau Tryptich and other film-text performances. MOCAD, Detroit, 2012
  • “Eva” and “La Notte.” Outer Space Studio, Chicago, 2011
  • “Eva” and “La Notte.” The Poetry Project, Saint Marks Church, New York, 2010


  • Text-sound with speaking voices and homemade instruments. Composition by Marygrove College, Detroit, 2007.



  • Director, Try! Try! by Frank O’Hara, Requiem by Kathy Acker, “Iraqi” and “Bad History” by Barrett Watten, Sue by Carla Harryman. “Returning from One Place to Another: a Poets Theater Showcase,” John Beer curator. Links Hall, Chicago.  2008
  • With Ron Allen, co-organizer and director, Black Mouth Theater. Detroit, October 2000-October 2001
  • Director, staged reading, Dutchman by LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka. “The Opening of the Field: North American Poetry of the 1960s,” University of Maine. June 2000
  • Dramaturgy and text adaptation, A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil, an opera based on text by Max Ernst; By Erling Wold, composer. Jim Cave. Performances: Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco.  January 1995; March 2000
  • Direction and text adaptation, Car Men. By Chris Tysh. Detroit Institute of Arts.  November 1996
  • Actor, Kiss of Fire. By Abigail Child. WNYT, New York. 1995
  • Director, Goya’s L.A. By Leslie Scalapino. New Langton Arts, San Francisco. February 1995
  • Director, IOU Theater. Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco. 1991



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