2018.7 Just out: Ann Lauterbach’s Alice en terre vaine et autres poèmes, tr. Maïtreyi and Nicolas Pesquès, joca seria

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The December 2014 Poets & Critics Symposium on Ann Lauterbach has led to the publication of a volume of selected poems in French, translated by Maïtreyi and Nicolas Pesquès and published by joca seria, under the title Alice en terre vaine et autres poèmes. Cover art by Benjamin Monti. It is the 23rd volume of joca seria’s collection américaine.

Nicolas Pesquès will be talking about his translation and Ann Lauterbach’s work at the Festival Ecrivains en bord de mer, in la Baule, July 13-17, 2018. All details at http://ecrivainsenborddemer.fr/

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