Festival Ecrivains en bord de mer

2018.7 Ecrivains en bord de mer

In July 2018, the Literary festival of La Baule welcomes Tracie Morris, on the occasion of the 2017 publication of Hard Korè, poèmes / Per-Form: Poems of Mythos and Place, translated by Vincent Broqua and Abigail Lang, with an afterword by Marjorie Perloff, joca seria.

Poet and Translator Nicolas Pesquès will also talk about his translation of a selection of poems by Ann Lauterbach, published under the title Alice en terre vaine et autres poèmes (translated by Maïtreyi and Nicolas Pesquès, joca seria, 2018).  


EDBM 2017 In July 2017, poets Jim Dine, Eleni Sikelianos, and Ron Padgett gave readings and presentations at the Literary Festival of La Baule. The festival opened with an installation of Jim Dine’s The House of Words.

The presence of the poets was made possible by a collaboration between the festival Ecrivains en bord de mer, the collective double change and the Poetry Foundation. See below a brief retrospective of the festival and click names/links above to access videos of their readings.

All introductions by Bernard Martin.


Jim Dine’s House of Words Installation, Chapelle Sainte Anne, La Baule.


2017.7.12 Jim Dine reading and discussion, with translators Vincent Broqua, Olivier Brossard, and Béatrice Trotignon.

Jim Dine lit “Nantes” from Bernard Martin / joca seria on Vimeo.

Jim Dine Lecture La Coupole from Bernard Martin / joca seria on Vimeo.

2017.7.13 Eleni Sikelianos reading with translator Béatrice Trotignon, followed by discussion with Claro, Thierry Guichard and Béatrice Trotignon.


Lecture Eleni Sikelianos avec Béatrice Trotignon from Bernard Martin / joca seria on Vimeo.

Rencontre avec Eleni Sikelianos et ses traducteurs, Béatrice Trotignon et Claro from Bernard Martin / joca seria on Vimeo.


2017.7.14 Ron Padgett reading with translators Olivier Brossard and Claire Guillot.

Lecture de Ron Padgett en compagnie de ses traducteurs Olivier Brossard et Claire Guillot from Bernard Martin / joca seria on Vimeo.